Minggu, 02 November 2008

How to find E-gold exchanger service

How I can fund my e-gold account? Where placed to buy and sell e-gold? It is such question that may come in your head. Due to some reason you can not trade to buy and sell e-gold directly to e-gold ltd.

Presently we use digital electronic currency exchanger service to funding e-gold. Through exchanger, your currency can be converted to e-currency and vice versa easily.
Means you can fund your e-gold from your money that usually carried by wire transfer,credit card,Western union,Moneygram check etc via exchanger.

However I usually use bank transfer method to carry out to convert my money to e-gold or vice versa via exchanger.Unfortunately e-gold popular in my country that’s why I use local exchanger to make convertion and the best for all their service good and fast.

You can find a list of digital currency exchanger company service for e-gold through this link: http:www.e-gold.com/unsecure/link.htm
It is important to use best and reliable e-currency exchangers to buy and sell your e-gold.So I just recommend to prioritize to use local exchanger, since you can easy to touch them and usually their service faster. If you still new to make transaction you can start to convert for small amount to test the water.

Usually exchanger service provide e-currency to e-currency convertion.Such as goldmoney to e-gold,or pecunic to e-bullion etc
Yes actually beside e-gold there’s another e-currency too.But now we talk just e-gold.But I will talk about others currency later on

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

How to open your e-gold account

E-gold is electronic currency that backed by gold. Where used as world wide money.In order to involved in HYIP you need to open e-gold account since most HYIP program using this currency for their transaction, In fact you can uses this currency for many purpose also.

It is free to open e-gold account. And it is not difficult to apply, in minutes you will have one and I will show you step by step:

Go to www.e-gold.com
Click “Create an account” on the left side.
Then bring you to “User Agreement” page. Please read and click “I agree”
Then bring you to E-gold account creation form page.
Fill up all required information in the E-gold account creation form page.
Select your Account Name.
Fill in your User's Name
Fill in contact information your Name, Address, City, State/Province, Country/ZIP/Postal code, E-mail, Phone, and Passphrase.

Please take note:
Passphrase is equivalent with password.Must contain bith letter and numbers minimum of 6 characters.But for security reason It is recommend to use at least 10 characters.

After you fill up and re checked the form and then just continues to click open

A new page will appear:

Your new e-gold account number has bent sent to:your-email

Check your e-mail inbox for the E-gold Account Number.

Congratulation now you have e-gold account.

I just to remind you:
Every time you login to your e-gold account please always use SRK feature.Remember your e-gold account it is likes your online internet bank.SRK feature it is the tool that minimize your risk and to prevent keylogger,Trojan and virus to access your e-gold account.

Now we will continue how to funding your e-gold account via digital gold currency exchanger. Exchanger is placed to buy and sell e-gold.Exchanger transaction likes money changer operation in real life.I will continue to post about it later.

Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

How to make money with High yield investment program HYIP

Once you start into HYIP arena you will see there are various kinds of programs with various payout rate amounts. From pay out rate percentage 0.1% to 20% or more daily.Of course it is higher rate if you compare to decide to put your money at bank.

But remember there is some risk involved with HYIP.NEVER invests more than you can afford to lose. Never use money that you want use for eat. If it seems too good to be true, then it is. Don't put all your eggs in one basket .To minimize risk you should diversify your investment. For example, invest $10 in ten different HYIP's rather than investing $100 in one HYIP.

Due Dilligence on a program is a very important procedure to perform when deciding on which programs to invest into. Make sure the HYIP investor or program has valid contact information. You can start to Investigating the domain name used for the site. How long has it been registered for? Are the details on the registar correct? Can you contact the admin through those details? Test it out by sending them an email and see if they respond.

Get your Return of Investment as soon as possible. Once you do this, you are then playing with only profits, meaning no matter what happens, means you don’t have to worry to loose your money.
While I will provide you HYIP resource,HYIP forum and HYIP monitor fro your reference.

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

HYIP resources and information

There are several websites that rank the best HYIP's and investment programs on the Internet They are pretty reliable but are not always so updated. These sites are designed to let investors’ rate programs on whether they are paying or not, and whether they are reliable or not. This is a good quick way to see the current status of a program. Here are a few just so you can check them out once in a while to see what's new in the HYIP market:


There are plenty more, but most of them are very inactive and not really worth your time.However I usually visited hyipinvestment dot com to monitor HYIP programs before I decide which program that I want to invest in.

There are literally hundreds of HYIP Rating sites and a good handful of Forums out there for discussing HYIPs.
Here the forum for your HYIP resource and reference


Besides discussing about HYIP you will find also information about how to make money online in forum.You can also do e-currency exchange with others.

Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Idea to make money onlne

Behind the idea to make money from blog.With current blog platform perform such as web 2.0.This has allowed blog users to move to the next level..It is like interactive media and bridge for you and your visitor.This can be done through allowing people to make comments, to vote on polls. When you blog and your visitors can be involved they will return. You can also communicate with other blog website using track back process.

You are able to form communities, known as blog communities and social network communities. Plus RSS feeds allow you to quickly keep in touch with each other. People can subscribe to your RSS feed and receive your blog updates as you post them.

Chatting is interesting internet stuff. This allows for instant contact with people almost anywhere in the world.

When you start to consider the number of people that involved at internet the potential of blogging, social networking, RSS feeds, and combining Internet chatting,

It is interesting when you look at all the different ways the Internet is used today. People are online 24 hours a day. How great would it be if you could make money with some of those people?

You begin to get the idea that to make money online and selling a product to that people.
You just need to find the right opportunity to take advantage of what will offer the best profit and enjoy doing it

Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

Make Money Online with RSS data feeds

Beside goggle adsense and affiliate program for your income source you may consider to use and integrated with data feed .A data feed is simply a feed that you can use on your website to basically make it appear that you are selling these products yourself while RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.

RSS has become a popular way to make money online too. And that is due in part to the popularity of the RSS technology. This is one of ways to monetizing a website using RSS feeds. RSS provides an even greater potential. Because by adding an RSS feed to that same web page, you turn a static web page that only contains the information you placed on it, into a dynamic ever changing web page that others will likely come back more than once to read. And you’ve got a page that automatically updates itself.

Presently there’s more affiliate program that offer their partner to use data feed.All you have to do for your website is added the proper code to your website, and then you will need to collect RSS feeds that relate to the topic of your web page from others website such as google and amazon. Now, once you have uploaded your web page. your website will automatically updated with fresh information from Google and google about content that you wish.

Minggu, 05 Oktober 2008

Make money with affiliate programs

So you wanna make money online .Well ...As we know there so many ways to make money online. One of lucrative ways at cyberspace is affiliate program. Affiliate program is you sell a products and service on your website for another company. You don’ need to worry about paper work, shipping stuff, call anyone, billing anyone etc. You get a commission if there’s a sales that happened thru your website. Commission ranges depend with various percentage of the sale price
And the best for all this system run almost automatic.

To enhance your product or service, you can provide affiliate links on your site. Not only do affiliate offerings provide additional information and services to your clients, but they also offer a way to bring in additional income for you.

Affiliate programs offer a simple, but effective, avenue to developing additional income streams. You earn commissions by placing banners or text links on your web pages or ads and articles in newsletters. Classified ads can also be used effectively. The more traffic you create the more sales you make. Most charge nothing to become an Associate; others may have an inexpensive, one-time fee. Most furnish their Associates with a free web page or a customized URL to the primary marketing site. Additionally, they handle all the ordering and customer service.

Due to there’s a very high concentration of competition. Selling products for these affiliate companies online may become hard and difficult. And really is not as easy as it might seem.

There are more a thousand companies online that have types of programs. The famous one is Amazon dot comYou need takes time to find affiliate programs that suitable and right for your website. And as a start you need probably to apply and sign up to several programs.